Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama Rally at UNR

**Edit** These photos have been color correced, but I'm starting to think color being pretty for everyone on the web is a really hard thing to accomplish**

**Edit** These photos seem to have a bad color cast to them. And it's making me very sad. I apparently edited them on a screen with bad color calibration. They are supposed to have a nice warm tone to them. And as soon as I can I'll be fixing these. **Edit**

Sen. Barack Obama is amazing. And I'm not going to be nonpartisan about this one. I'm sorry, I just can't. He's a fantastic candidate and I hope you will all come to the same conclusion on election day (Nov 4th).

His rally was attended by over 10,000 people according to the RGJ. It was a fantastic event and I got a few good photos. (Well I actually got a lot of good ones. Blogs aren't set up for lots of pictures though.) So, I give you 7 photos. (If you want high-res photos e-mail or message me and I'll see what I can do.)

Barack Obama Speech Photos

prepare later today for photos from the Barack Obama rally at the University of Nevada, Reno after I get out of class today. I'd put them up now, but I have class in less than 30 minutes.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The New killers Single

It's brilliant, and you don't have to take my word on it. Though I couldn't see why you wouldn't: I am a music taste god. All faux egotism aside, the song, Human, a really good song. People are hailing it as a return to their previous sound. I do see the resemblance. But what it reminds me of is if I were to travel the globe and return home. The suttle changes in my personality and beliefs could be paralleled to the changes in the Killer's sound.

Also! In the background there's a distinct beat derivative of a type of music called either chiptune or chip music. Essentially it's music made using only sounds from old 8 bit video games. Like the gameboy, and old Nintendo systems. www.8bitpeoples.com has a lot of samples. Also my previous blog talks about it HERE. The point being, I liked to hear a generally unknown type of music fused into a Killers song.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My New Fraternity

So, as I told you followers of me, I have joined a fraternity. I am (or will be soon) an associate member (what is traditionally termed a "pledge") of Pi Kappa Phi.

I went out camping this weekend with a group and was the only associate member there. That was surprisingly not very awkward. They've taken me in in a way I never really would have expected. I already feel like I could call each of them a friend.

When leaving for our trip I thought to myself that I wasn't going to bring a camera or take pictures because it would distract me from getting to know people. That was a stupid idea. I found out pretty quickly that I use a camera to evaluate situations. It's actually become so much of a part of me that how I capture a group or event is so closely linked with my understanding of the group or event that I'm at a strange loss without that device. (That's not to say I would have shut down socially without a camera of course.)

And I was lucky enough to find someone (Danny) willing to surrender a camera to me. Here is a sample of what I captured:

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Have you ever been somewhere so thick with history that it feels as if you're stepping into another world? That's the good thing about Reno and UNR. There are places that feel old enough to contain mystery.

(I need to give credit where credit is due, in these two photos there is a sculpture made of tree branches leaning against a tree. This was made by someone else. If anyone knows who, I'd love to credit them.)

There is a place between the freeway and a few fraternity houses. The place is dark and somehow removed from the city. It feels forgotten and out of time. While I was there I repeatedly checked over my shoulder. I couldn't help but think to myself: 'there are vampires here'.

Down Fourth Street, underneath the freeway there is a motel that looks as if it's been transformed into a makeshift apartment complex. It hums what feels like electricity but is probably more closely related to human effort over time.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Week in Photos (Twenty one)

I think this was a pretty fair week as far as photos go. I got two last minute-ish assignments that came out relatively well. I need to be paid for this. Anyhow. I also did some random window photography you'll see in a forthcoming post. As far as this weeks update goes you'll see lacrosse, volleyball, soccer and a Sudan event. Enjoy.

First off is my new favorite sport to shoot: Lacrosse. These guys are fucking intense. I only had 30 frames to work with left on my card so I was pretty conservative and didn't end up with much.

Next, I give you the always entertaining soccer team.

And onto an entertaining (in another sense of the word) event that focused on getting help to people in Africa.

And last but not least the always beautiful volleyball team.

Also, in an exclusive news break (as if anywhere else would carry this news) I'm going to begin selling my photography in the near future. Oh shit right? Limited printings on things. I suspect that I will make a very small amount of money.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Police Paradox

A kid on a bike is chased down by police. He crashes, picks up his bike and runs off into campus. The cop speeds off to cut him off at the pass. Now I'm stuck. I have three options.

One: Run after the guy tackle him/watch where he's going.
Two: Run after the guy and let him know where a goo place to hide is.
Three: Do nothing.

I, regretfully, opted for option three. I did come to my senses and begin running after him. I searched for a good half hour for the guy (the police were too) wanting to find him and offer my services as a decoy or to change clothes so he wouldn't get caught, or even just to take his bike so he wouldn't be so obviously "that guy in shorts on the bike". What I noticed was that not 5 minutes after I saw him ride into campus did I see two or three other bikers that were,'t there before sort of just riding around. And if that wasn't planned it was damned lucky. Which leads me to a point Alex will love.

Community On Call Decoys

Essentially you have a local group of activists. You bring them together and come up with a plan. A plan like this: If you're ever chased by police just text the group with the code word and a description of the clothes you're wearing. That group maybe 5 or six will the immediately don similar but not exact clothing and walk/ride around. Also when it's all over you can say you COCD (pronounced "Cocked") the police.

USPS Conspiracy

Fuck USPS. So I live in the dorms. And for whatever reason, USPS refuses to deliver to the dorms. All other carriers do. I call Bullshit. Wanna know why? There's a goddamned post office with PO Boxes up the street. So if you want your packages to get to you (say, from Amazon or Ebay), you're forced to buy a PO Box. Bullshit. It's a scheme and it's fucked up.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Does anyone else ever feel like their bank is doing something shady with their money?

It feels like whenever I'm expecting a deposit to show up it shows up but somehow doesn't seem to change things. Twice now I've called my bank knowing, just knowing, a deposit hasn't shown up yet. Then they tell me that it was put in a week ago. Then, sure enough, there it is the next time I log in. And I can't remember for sure if it was there before or not. And it doesn't change the "available balance". It's confusing and leads me to believe I'm worse with numbers than I thought. This makes me want to close my accounts and simply deal in cash. At least with cash I always know how much I have, and there isn't a pending purchase I forgot about waiting to leap in and rip my soul out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Some people want to make their first million and certainly not stop there.
Some people want to become rock stars.
Or models.
Or actors.
Or singers.
Or sports stars.

I'm starting to think I'm the only one who wants desperately to be an undiscovered genius. The kind that people later go "Oh, well shit. Didn't see that coming."

List of things I want to do:
Document Goldfield
Document a lot of ghost towns.
Get a degree in archaeology.
Get a degree in anthropology.
Go to a live dig site and document it.
Buy an expensive camera.
Buy an expensive laptop.
Get a degree in mathematics.
See Stonehenge.
See Rome.
See Italy.
See the ziggurat.
See ancient Mayan ruins.
Travel somewhere by train.
Shoot a gun.
Sell my artwork for some extra money.
Buy a telescope.
Go to the planetarium.
Do a portrait of president Bush.
See the Statue of Liberty.
See the Grand Canyon.
Stand in Tienanmen Square.
Kick open a door.
Teach a photography course.
Jump off a large structure into one of those massive pillows.
Ride a horse.

Monday, September 8, 2008

This Week in Photos (Twenty)

First I'd like to point out that I haven't updated for a disturbing length of time. No I am not dead.

I have joined Pi Kappa Phi
I have (re)joined the Young Dems
I have a job working for the University
I also shoot for The Sagebrush still

On to photos.

First I have a few photos of a local DJ. He goes by the name DJ Theta and you can find him HERE.

Next I have a few photos of the West Street Market and some of the WORLD CHAMPION air guitarist Hot Lixx Houlihan.