Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Blogging has become something I do very sparingly and almost as an afterthought. So I don't suppose I'll be here very often as time goes on. It's a bit sad though. I re-read pretty much the entire blog from start to finish and when I do that I'm always left sort of stunned.

I've come a really long way. Maybe a good way to think about it is to think about where I was making the posts from throughout the journey.

I began in a house I could barely afford right after my first year of college. I was alone in finances and life for the first time. Then I was in dorms, back home, at the school newspaper office, in libraries, sort of all over the place. Then suddenly in an apartment with the girl/woman I'd eventually marry. Then in a house we own. Part of me wants to proclaim that I'll keep posting to keep this narrative going, but that would be an empty promise. And the posts that would come out would be dry and lifeless. So if I do post I'll make sure to try and make it entertaining, or deep. Or both. That'd be nice.

What I find really interesting here is what's missing from the timeline. Leaving The Sagebrush is weirdly absent, leaving a long term relationship is missing, graduating, buying a house, getting married, losing my job, getting a dog, my first gallery opening. Just a lot of stuff.

I look at my writing as well and I laugh (mostly because I think I'm hilarious). But also because of the insane way in which I always assume I know everything. A good example of this is where I proclaim creative nonfiction to be a pointless subcategory as if that even makes sense. Of course it's a subcategory. But that didn't stop me from saying that I'd defend until the day I die that it's stupid and naaaananananaaaaaaa...or whatever it is I said.

But it's also nice to be reminded of what previous versions of me held dear. It's especially nice to see how I write from an objective standpoint. I honestly think I write well, which is good because I'm trying to pen(pitter-pat) a novel: "From Rust"

Well. I honestly expected this to be a bit more...good. I expected some really cool stuff to flow from my fingertips. But no. Just words. Maybe down the road they'll have gathered some dust. And we all know how I like dusty things. So, until I return here's a photo: