Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Blog

So, Wix, who hosts my current portfolio, is going to be adding blog capability in the coming weeks. (They've been saying that since February) But as soon as they do I'll be starting up a new blog there. maybe something to the effect of "Beyond Doors" or maybe just "Blog". Not sure yet.

I'll still keep this one here, but it will be like the underground edition of my life. It will feature my rants and my more eccentric posts. The blog on my website will become the photo heavy, project update type thing. But I guess we'll see if they even get their blog up and running. Heh.

New Project

So the wedding is gearing up for a wonderful year long roller coaster ride of planning and stress. Flowers, honeymoon, tux, dress, alterations, boots (yeah boots), and so much other stuff its insane. I think that there kind of is an entrance exam for marriage. And it's this part. Okay, that aside, I have a new project.

When I was younger my friend Gabe and I created comics. He and I collaborated on content and I drew them. Given my remedial skills as an illustrator, we kind of looked like the same person in the comics. And, while the storyline was kind of there, I like to think we'll have more depth this time around. We're going to attempt a comic about childhood. A sort of blend of reality and fantasy. I found that after drawing long lanky characters all my life, drawing kids is freaking hard. (As I said to both Gabe and Deanna because I thought myself clever: "They're all big heads and tiny arms. Like a T-Rex, but less cool.")

So now gabe and I are working on a story and character models. I see the comic starting out playfully, but dealing with some real issues as the story progresses. Possible things to tackle:

Is what is happening (aliens, dinosaurs, etc.) actually real?
If not, then is the other friend even real?
And probably more, lol. I have some sketches I'd like to share now.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anon Post: 01

Anonymous will become a social movement very soon. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sandstone Castles

Sandstone Castles

Our sandstone castles eroded by current,
carried out by undertoe.
Sands of our time sifted, slow.
Pillars of trust, cut away.
Freestanding hopes, supported
on backs of youth, too few.
Weight unwanted, the cost too high
should the stone be let to fall.

Just a bit of prose. A generation lost, left to hold up a broken legacy.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Front Page of A Rant

I read CNN a lot. For all its leans and biases, it's still pretty fair from what I can see. (I suppose FOX is fair for other people, but I'm not here to talk about media bias.) I wanted to comment on something that generally made me angry. An article on the front page of CNN.COM drew out my claws in a way that made me uneasy. The article is HERE. It's a short rant with facts and generalizations talking about how much of a failure my generation already is (this before we've had a chance to try).

I'll tell you briefly why this bothers me. I was going to rail against this article (in a fashion that would only serve to prove this mans point further) but it's so plainly and unabashedly mean-spirited that I simply won't give it the luxury of going over each point. It felt like a racist manifesto.

"Speaking broadly, millennials are tech-savvy, highly educated and have incredibly high self-esteem even if they haven't done much to deserve it. (To be sure, not every millennial is college educated and exhibits all these traits; we're speaking broadly.)"

Imagine for a second that this is about a race of people. And you say:

'Speaking broadly [Blanks] are [Quality which appears positive but is turned negative later in the piece #1] [Quality #2] and [Quality which you then spin as a condescending remark]. But not all [blanks] are like that, we're speaking broadly.'

The way it's delivered is in such a way that my having an issue with it is fuel to the fire. "There's another hotheaded, self entitled [Blank] that can't take criticism."

We're the next generation, we will hold jobs and we will make decisions. Please don't talk to your fellow "Non-Milleneals" like my generation can simply be turned away (or "re-booted" for that matter). Don't talk like this problem world we've fallen into is somehow just too hard for us. Don't treat me as if I can't hear you up at the grown up table.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Just some exoskeletons and a grasshopper that was probably lost.