Thursday, August 16, 2012

The News

So, I read the news. And bias really bothers me, so I have to read three different stories to get the full picture sometimes. Most of the time it's not lies or skewed truth. In fact I don't see that very often at all. But what I do see is missing angles.

When there's a story about people vandalising foreclosed homes, it almost invariably focuses on the realtor and the home itself. It is rich in detail as to exactly what happened to the home(s) and focuses on how this activity brings down the value of the home and the other units around it. What you don't see is why this might be happening? Why is a trend of home vandalism even growing? What drives people to do it? These are all very good questions, probably answered somewhere on the net. Just not in the stories I've read about it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reflection on Hope

It's easy to say that the youth who voted for Obama are disillusioned. It's infrequent to see an explanation of why we are. I guess the reasons are varied, and perhaps that's why you don't see it spelled out. But I have my own reasons, if anyone cares about them.

I said to everyone who implied it that I wasn't putting Obama on a pedestal. Even in blog posts, deny deny deny. The message I was attached to was "Hope". Quite literally Obama's presidency was literally the only thing that I found that gave me hope for the future. Obama became my hope.

I want to say now that even though I count myself among the disillusioned youth, I believe that Obama has done some real good for America. I believe that he is steering the country in a direction that is good not only for me but for the children I may some day have. The problem is that steering a country isn't like steering a boat. Our boat has thousands of rudders and wheels. Some are larger than others and have more influence, but one man at one wheel does not change the course.

The disappointment stems from the reality that surfaced after the election. Politicians, business leaders, and others in power don't change overnight. The country itself was already running full on into peril.

I guess this is all nonspecific word splatter, but it gives me perspective. The other major theme four years ago was change. And the two themes of hope and change still ring deep in me. Though they're changed somehow.

Instead of a blind hope that one man can do it all, I now have hope that we are changing course.

Friday, August 10, 2012


So the news follows me sometimes. I don't know that this is interesting to news outlets like that Ben Bridge robbery, but police searched Mercedes-Benz today because they were chasing a fugitive. Here are some photos:

Friday, August 3, 2012


So this is just an update on the opening we have scheduled for the 12th of August. I have a pretty sweet panorama of the inside of out art space, but I don't want to post it, because then people might be less inclined to show up. I'm seriously excited about it, so expect a flyer for it very soon.