Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On the subject of cinema.

There are times, I do believe, when one gains an immense sense of clarity unnecessary for living. By that I mean, one becomes hyper-aware of their surroundings. Like now. At 4:44 a.m. My mind races along simple thoughts.

And the cinematic nature of things comes into view. As if I've taken a step back from the lens that is my own inner camera.

I find that I model my life in a somewhat beautifully tragic genre. I've scripted the shadows, the lonely walks back home every night. The nights at the office. If spliced together, my life would resemble all those movies I cherish deeply in my heart. A soundtrack of melancholy tunes. A dark and mysterious set with old buildings lit with only the stars.

I direct the cinema of my life, and yet have so little control over it.

My cinematic montage is all violin and shadows.

This week in photos (Nineteen)

Let's try something new. There are links and stuff embedded, even music if you're up for it. Try it out. Let me know if you like it this way or you simply like the images thing. Yay for experimentation!

The links to photo slideshows seem to not work... sad. Oh well. Click the little enlarge button for the big screen version which i find much more entertaining.

[Turns out it freezes my computer so it' gone]

Friday, April 25, 2008

Something you should see.

If you're tired of the dark and moody photos that I take, I highly recommend these. They are bright and amazing. Yes, this is a plug for a friend's blog. So what. She's good. I have been inspired to go out and do street photography.

Monday, April 21, 2008

This week in photos (Eighteen point two)

Smaller week this week. Hope you enjoy.

Campus Rail Jam

Campus Rail Jam

Taylor Anderson making a speech in an attempt to become ASUN Speaker

Brandyn Herman signs an oath

Hip Hop Palooza

Hip Hop Palooza

Hip Hop Palooza

The new ASUN Speaker

Sunday, April 20, 2008

This week in photos (Eighteen point one)

Here are two photos I took this week. The major update is coming tomorrow.

This is froma wine shoot Mike Higdon and I did for the dining special section this week.

Another self portrait. I was working late at The Sagebrush.
Be on the lookout for some portraits of UNR individals soon. I want (I hope I can do this) to take a portrait of Sean McDonald, Brian Benedict, and perhaps Brian Duggan soon.

Monday, April 14, 2008

This week in photos (Seventeen)

Still no photo galleries, much to do with my being a lazy ass.

I've got a wide variety of things for you today. It ranges from art stuff to journalistic stuff, have fun.

Tennis coach (Yay reflections)


Top of the University Inn (Sierra Hall)

Sagebrush editor Brian Duggan at Pub n' Sub

Design editor Mike Higdon at Pub n' Sub

Miss Reno-Sparks starting the KAT Walk

People running in the KAT Walk

People setting up the Internship Fair



Portrait of an illegal immigrant

Courtney at the ASUN Club Awards

These next photos are really interesting. There's a house, rather two houses that have been abandoned and ripped to pieces. I found what was outside the house to be a kind of reflection of the house itself. I could talk about this for hours, the way the glass snapped beneath my feet, the way the wallpaper fluttered in the winds that came through shattered windows.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

This week in photos (Sixteen)

Here we are again, another week. I've got some photos for you and (ohmygosh) some links.
The first link I'll throw out there is to the Nevada Sagebrush Staff Blog  which I will be making entries into now. please enjoy my latest post.

I'm also going to push some hilarious short flash movies made by ASUN officials. If you go to UNR you'll enjoy them more.

And the last thing you get is your weekly blast of color (and some black and white!)

This is for our health care CP. One out of five students is uninsured.

Tennis is fun. I walked a Shit Ton to get there. Most of it was done by bus, but a lot was walked. I have the burns to prove it.

This is like my trademark shot.

A step team ripping off their shirts, literally.

These are middle school kids, seriously. They rocked.

Standing on stage before a huge crowd.

A "safe lease".

There was a fire near campus.

Fire, again.

Students who brew their own beer. Fuck yeah.



Baseball. Awesome light from the setting sun.

Judicial hearing.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

An update on my current obsession.

As we all know, I go through phases. My current phase is The Fountain. In my search for movies and things that could relate to my project I came across a bunch of cool documentaries. And then I saw this. I've seen it five times now. Please enjoy. The odd thing about this movie is that it incorporates a lot of the same imagery that I have come up with (before I saw this of course) to talk about some of the same kinds of topics.


Everyone at the Data Works lab is amazing. It's weird actually. Everyone else in this world is insane and stressed constantly, but that place is like this bubble of good intentions and feelings.

In short, they reprinted my stuff with an apology and a smile.

In other news. I may be an RA this summer. Interesting? I think yes.


So, I printed my artwork the other day. It came out relatively well. I loved the surface, the color etc. The only problem: some information on the sides had been clipped. And, with 360 degree rotations that are supposed to match up on the ends, that's a huge problem.

So, fuck. Just seriously. Fuck.