Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update on Projects (II)

Another brief update. Projects, many of them. More than I have time for and a growing list.

- Las Vegas Project (This semester?)
- Urban Decay (This semester)
- Mobius Tree Sculpture
- Re: All Things
- Consumer Carcass
- The kiss.
- "The stars fell like snowflakes from the sky and soon we made snowmen of stardust."
- Behind the Glass
- Party Perfect
- Unnamed Female Portrait Diptych:
|__ Bust shot of girl in front of a field of stars.
|__ Close up of lips exhaling a thin breath. Stars behind.
- Untitled History Project

Friday, January 21, 2011

Post on Photojournalism (II)

As far as photojournalism is concerned, I summed up my personal relationship with it in a post some time ago. My opinions are the same, but I wanted to explain another facet of what the photo taken by Stuart Franklin (I incorrectly cited Jeff Widener for the shot last time. He took another similar photograph, as did a couple of others) means to me.

This photograph illustrates a serious issue I had early in college perfectly. The issue is settled (mostly) now, but often rumbles uncomfortably (like a dormant volcano we're not prefectly sure of). Do I want to *make* this photograph, or do I want to *be* this photograph? The question remains. And another in the wake of this one: Can I do both?

(I know I have not posted here in a very long time. I thought the best way to begin posting again would be by posting again. You know, Instead of saying "I should post more" and forgetting again.)