Saturday, January 30, 2010

Was, is, will be.

They're strong. Words, that is. I've come so far. My words from the past have come back to... remind me.

I was talking to Deanna when my phone cut out. I was talking about my past. I'm really sad I can't talk to her right now. I tried to find another phone but I can't. It's times like these that I feel how far I am from her. I wanted to apologize for how blind I was. The whole time, during all of that turmoil in my life. She was there and I didn't even stop to look.

I used to do this a lot, I feel I was better off for it. I'd write and see what happened, you know.

In 2006 my art took a shift. I've been doing highly personal work that has been lost to most audiences since then. I think it may have culminated last semester in a journal I have yet to post here. I made the switch in 2006 away from political art. I think I'm ready to move outside of myself now. I think as a final step in my college career I need to do the last thing that scares me. I need to arrive.

I've put myself out there.

That says it well: I've shoved a "me" out there for people to view. But. I haven't been out there myself. I once told Deanna that I see my art as an extension of myself. I feel like I need to stand beside it. I think what I need to do is something that is, me. My class calls for me to pose a problem to myself. To attempt to overcome a challenge. I don't quite know what it is yet. But.

My challenge involves standing next to my work. It's large. It's immersive. And it's intimately connected to me, and as a strange turn of events, to the outside world.

My art WAS a reflection of the world.
My art IS a reflection of me.
My art WILL BE my reflection on the world.

I miss her so much.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Virginia City

A failed attempt to visit American Flat(s?) ended with a simple day of exploring Virginia City. Pretty fun stuff. I'll be making the trip out to American Flat(s) later this semester.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just around the bend.

So I'd been here once before. A tattered area that feels like a mix of various landscapes. Discarded luggage, train tracks, massive tires, old warehouses. It took me an entire semester to actually get my camera out there. This is the first visit to the area. Enjoy.

Winter Break: Trip Back

It was overcast and rainy the entire drive from Vegas to Reno save one moment. We were driving and Sean rolled his window down. He then realized the window would not go back up. We pulled over and saw the sunset on our left. I snapped a few shots before we finally got back on the road. Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Break: Valley of Fire

Trip to the Valley of Fire. Pretty much amazing. Please enjoy.

Winter Break: Nature Sunday

Deanna and her family took me along on a trip to photograph the bird preserve. It was pretty awesome. Enjoy what I was able to get.