Saturday, March 5, 2011

Urban Decay

This series, titled "Urban Decay" draws from my stencil archive. This is the first black and white series I've done in quite a while. It also draws from more narrative than conceptual roots, which is almost an about face from my standard techniques.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


From my notebook (excuse the ego):

"The aim of my art is not to roll my eyes at the "is-this-art"ists. It is simply a coincidence that in attempting to do the very basic idea of "convey meaning" it sort of does.

I don't particularly care if what I do will be considered art. It is simply an expression.

If I am remembered for my art and it is to be labelled, I'd like to be placed in whatever movement made art simply to convey meaning to an audience. No jumbled messages about whether or not I meant to say that art is a representation of blah blah blah.

Movements are dead.

Art can come back out and take a breath. What we all do is art if we say it is or if someone thinks it is. (Relativity!) Point made modernists, postmodernists, anti-artists, anti-anti-artists. We get it. Say something else. And make it pretty. Not because art needs to be pretty, but because art has become like a TV show 12 seasons down the road. There are some hardcore fans that get the references and the inside jokes and the overarching messages. But the rest of us stopped watching. The rest of us are done. Make a new show.


That was very postmodern of me. Wasn't it?"